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Paper Water Lilies

These water lilies are so much fun to make and really fascinate kids! You will need: Paper Scissors Pencil Cup Large bowl Water 1. Put your sugar paper onto a table then use your pencil to trace around your cup to make a circle.… Continue Reading “Paper Water Lilies”

Pressing flowers and leaves

Pressed flowers and leaves come in really handy for use in kids craft activities. They can be used to make a lovely suncatcher, to decorate cards, or to make a leaf mask! Even if you don’t have a special flower press, you can use… Continue Reading “Pressing flowers and leaves”

Ice Lanterns

Your gorgeous ice lantern can be used to celebrate Matariki or Winter solstice!This was an activity in one of our winter boxes last year. It is incredibly easy and looks stunning. What you will need:A tealight candle WaterNature treasuresA cylindrical plastic containerAn empty tinA small heavy… Continue Reading “Ice Lanterns”

Autumn Leaf Masks

After a walk during Autumn, you are bound to return home with pockets full of bright leaves. There are lots of lovely craft ideas for kids to make with leaves. Colourful leaf masks is one of our favourites! You will need: PVA glue A… Continue Reading “Autumn Leaf Masks”

About Little Farmer

Hi, I’m Melanie, nice to meet you!  As founder of Little Farmer, you can find me packing our NZ made subscription boxes from home in the evenings, researching the best seasonal flowers and plants, or digging for insects in the backyard with my two… Continue Reading “About Little Farmer”