Paper Water Lilies

These water lilies are so much fun to make and really fascinate kids!

You will need:





Large bowl


1. Put your sugar paper onto a table then use your pencil to trace around your cup to make a circle.

2. Ask an adult to help you cut out the circle.

3. Fold your circle of paper in half.

4. Fold your paper in half again, then fold it once more so that it ends up as an eighth of a circle.  

5. While your paper is still folded, fold the tip of it down to meet the outside of the circle, then unfold just this fold.

6. With the tip pointing up, ask an adult to help you cut an outward curving upside-down V shape into the outside of the eight of a circle. Make this cut just up to the fold that you just made.

7. Unfold your circle. It should look like a flower.

8. If you would like to, you could decorate the centre of your flower – maybe draw a little frog or a dragonfly.

9. Fold a petal towards the centre of the flower, working your way around the flower until all of the petals are folded inwards.

10. You can repeat these steps to make more flowers. Try using something smaller than your cup to trace some of the circles, so that you get lots of different sized flowers.

11. Fill up your large bowl with water and place it on the table.

12. Carefully place your flowers onto the top of the water and watch your water lilies open up!    

13. You can take your water lilies out of the water and let them dry, then use them again later. Just be careful as colour will come out of the paper.

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