Pressing flowers and leaves

Pressed flowers and leaves come in really handy for use in kids craft activities. They can be used to make a lovely suncatcher, to decorate cards, or to make a leaf mask! Even if you don’t have a special flower press, you can use the method below – it’s really easy!

What you will need:

Fresh leaves or flowers

2 pieces of paper

A heavy book

Collect the leaves or flowers that you would like to press. It is best to choose freshly fallen leaves and flat flowers. They need to be dry, so don’t collect them when it has been raining or too early in the morning when they have dew on them.

Get a heavy book and put a piece of paper inside the back of it. Place your leaves or flowers onto the paper not touching each other, then carefully cover them with another piece of paper. Gently close the book. If you don’t have a really heavy book you can put them inside one book and stack a few others on top.

Leave them for 7 to 10 days. Try not to peek at them, because opening the book up will make them shift and get wrinkled.

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