Autumn Leaf Masks

After a walk during Autumn, you are bound to return home with pockets full of bright leaves. There are lots of lovely craft ideas for kids to make with leaves. Colourful leaf masks is one of our favourites!

You will need:

PVA glue

A cardboard mask – you can either buy these from a craft shop, or cut one yourself out of thin card.

Thin elastic

A paintbrush

Colourful leaves

1. Go on a nature walk and find colourful freshly fallen leaves. Try to find a mixture of sizes.

2. You can choose to make your mask straight away with fresh leaves, or you can press your leaves to make your mask last longer. Without pressing, the leaves will curl and go brown within a few days. Instructions for pressing leaves are here.

3. Cut a mask shape out of flexible card

4. Paint glue onto your mask, a section at a time.

5. Stick your leaves onto the glue. You may need to add a bit more glue when overlapping leaves. Using the smaller leaves at the centre of the mask will work the best. Try to position the leaves so that they don’t cover the eyeholes too much or you won’t be able to see! Also, make sure you don’t cover the holes for the elastic.

6. Leave your mask for a while to let the glue dry, then tie the elastic onto the mask.

7. Put your mask on!

If you loved this activity, check out our NZ gardening and nature activity subscription boxes for kids here

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