About Little Farmer

Hi, I’m Melanie, nice to meet you! 

As founder of Little Farmer, you can find me packing our NZ made subscription boxes from home in the evenings, researching the best seasonal flowers and plants, or digging for insects in the backyard with my two favourite little farmers.

Whether it is genes or growing up in an extremely rural area of Kaitaia, New Zealand, I have always loved the thrill of being outdoors. Even now, as a greenie living in the city with my partner and kids, I feel most at home when I am with loved ones outside, creating something special in the garden. 

Before I launched Little Farmer in 2019, I found myself thinking about the importance of my own kids embracing nature. I started learning creative ways of introducing fun and messy play to the outdoors, as well as practical skills for growing their own garden.

Eventually, I realised I could share my knowledge and love for gardening with other families around the country and suddenly, Little Farmer was born! 

Like many of our Little Farmer customers, my boys love being outside and helping in the garden. My eldest already understands which plants are the weeds, how to grow from seed and how to look after the veggies we plant. There is so much to learn just by being in the fresh air.

I believe it is so important for children to have a great connection to nature and for it to be their playground, so they can be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves possible.

If you are interested in checking out our NZ gardening and nature activity subscription boxes for kids please click here. They are a great gift idea for kids!

Happy farming! 

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